Let me tell you a little about Square Dance.
  Have you ever envied a child at play?
  Do you want to "just have fun?"
  Consider square dancing.
  Do you find yourself wishing for simple and inexpensive entertainment? How about entertainment you
  can share with people who know what it is to just play, enjoy music, laugh and have a good time?            Consider square dancing.
  People who square dance are happy people. Happy people are the world's greatest asset. That is why I
  I square dance. Even more so, that is why I teach people how to square dance. I love people!
  If you're interested in finding a new hobby, a way to spend quality time with your spouse, or an activity      that is great exercise, square dancing just might be a fit.
Hidden Hill

121 Schedule 2024

May 17-19
Hidden Hill

June 14-16 
Hidden Hill4-16 

July 18-20 
State camporee
Ottisville, Mi
Covenant Hills Camp

August 23-25
Hidden Hill

September 20-22
Hidden Hill

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I am teaching Beginner square dance lessons at Strawberry Square park in Plant City Fla. Tuesday evenings from 6:00 - 7:30 followed by extended basic into Mainstream from 7:30 - 9:00. As I teach the students will understand every definition of every call in each program. This will enable them to dance each program level in any country that has a square dance program. 
 My name is Jim Davis
 I've been teaching and calling square dance for years 40+ years. I've also finished recording an Audio Bible that I want to share with everybody!

 Presently I have a square dance club in Durand Michigan (we dance second and fourth Fridays of the month) at  Robert Kerr School, in Durand.

 New people are always welcome to try out my classes. You can give it a try anytime you have the time
 to stop in. You will have a good time. Classes are generally between 6:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M.

 I also call square dances for schools and churches as well as other clubs that wish to hire a guest
 caller. I have called square dance around the world.

 Check the maps below to see where you can meet my friends.

Presently I am not offering Choreographed Ball Room dance lessons. But may resume in the future.

Durand Elememtary School
Durand, Mi 48420
Northern Squares
Alten Zimmer Center
120 Grandview Blvd.
Gaylord, Mi 49727
Northern Lights Trail In Dance & Festival
11408 Hwy 6
Little Current, Ontario  Ca
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- - - - - - - - - Special Events 2024 - - - - - - - - -
Jan 2                Let the lessons begin
Jan 6                No Experience Dance
Jan 18-20         Florida State Convention
Feb 2-3             Winter Fiesta
Feb 10              Caller Clinic
Feb 7                Strawberry Square
Feb 14              Valentine Dance
Feb 7                Strawberry Square
Feb 28              Strawberry Square
Mar 2                No Experience Dance
Mar 7                Port Charlotte Promenaders
​Mar 9                Fun Night
Mar 23              JAM
March 27          Strawberry Square
Mar 30              Fun Night
April 12            Solo Squares - Ohio
April 19            Maple City Swingers - Mi
May 9-11         Ohio State Convention
May 17-19       NSDCA Hidden Hill
June 14-16      NSDCA Hidden Hill
June 26-28      National Convention
July 18-20       State Camporee - Mi
Aug  16-18      State Convention - Mi
Aug 23-24       Hidden Hill (Bill Chase)
Aug 23            Solo Squares - Ohio
Aug 31            Circulaters - Ohio
Sept 13           Red Lantern - Ohio
Sept 20-22      NSDCA Hidden Hill
October 5        Circulaters - Ohio
October 25      Norton Grand Squares
December 6    Friday Frolic
December 9    Temple Twirlers
December 13   Friday Frolic
December 20   Friday Frolic
December 27   Friday Frolic

- - - - - - - - - Special Events 2025 - - - - - - - - -
March 6           Charlotte Promenaders
April 11            Solo Squares - Ohio
April 18            Apple Creek Promenaders
May 16-18        NSDCA Hidden Hill
June 20-22       NSDCA Hidden Hill
August 29         Brecksville Squares