I'm Jim Davis and I would like to tell why there is a  CONSIDER THIS MINISTRIES

  But first let me tell you a little about myself.

    I would like to let everyone I meet know that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Everybody  says they are a "born again Christian" these days but I sometimes wonder if some of us    are trying to be politically correct or are we all really following the one we profess. 
  1st. John 2:6 says "Whoever claims to abide in Him ought to live [just] as He lived."        Secondly, I would like to let you know that I am a square dance caller / instructor.
Contact me for rates and dates. I realize there are those who think you cannot dance        and be a Christian. I have no problem with that. I will continue to follow Christ anyway.
Some people just think they can't dance because they have two left feet. That too is a 
 Consider This Ministries was created as an avenue to sell my CD. But since - I have absolutely no marketing skills I have decided to give them away. And now as of this update (11-28-2017) I have narrated an audio bible. It was intended to be only a Christmas gift for my immediate family members but it turned out so well I feel that I would like to give away at least 1000 of them on flash drive. I have decided to put the CD and the bible on one flash drive and call the project "The Keys To The Kingdom."  The original CD was created through inspiration and as I learn more about Theology I am coming to realize what the CD says. The keys to the Kingdom are are literally explained on the CD portion of the flash drive. The CD portion is the original "Consider This sound track" which I also used as an Easter Service when I was Pastor of the Pleasant Valley Free Methodist Church.  The NIV bible is included with the CD as a gift. I have set a goal to give away 1000. I have a lot of big ideas (as the ice shanty to the right shows) I just don't have a lot of money. At the same time I expect I may be the richest man I know. I have found that the more love I give away the more love comes my way. Love God Love people, nothing else matters. What an investment!

I don't now and never have wanted to be a martour! I didn't create this web site to cast a negative light on anyone! As it has grown and I am influenced by the world around me I simply want to share my opinion with anyone who might appreciate an exhange of ideas. 

Opinion time! Do you think I might get into trouble with the US government over the opinions expressed by me on this web site?
   This question posted November 29, 2012.

 You can e-mail me or leave a note in my guest book if you have any questions or thoughts. 
The facts as I see them are:
1st. Was man on earth before the Great Lakes were formed?  (Around Michigan)
Answer: No, Man had not been created yet. Everything we know about earth tells us that it had been around many many years before man and it has gone through a lot of big changes in that time. That time prior to man was setting the world up for the arrival of mankind.
2nd. What caused the Great Lakes?  
Answer: The last of the big changes the earth has gone through distroyed the way of life of the dinasours and plants and animals that were here before man. There was a global cooling and shifting of the earths rotation that caused ice to form over much of the North
American contanent that is said to have been more than two miles thick. Then God, in His patient way allowed the planet to start the warming process that would set the final stage for the very existance of His greatest masterpiece. With God a thousand years is as a day. We need to understand the scope of time in order to understand why God would spend a billion or so years to prepair the universe for such a little thing as man. When the earth reached the ideal living condition for man God created us. Man is not intended to be on earth forever. The span of mankind on the planet is from conception ment to be a less than a dash in the scope of eternity. We are here to prepair for an eternity with Christ in heaven or eternity with out Christ which would in itself would be heck. Heck is where you go if you don't believe in Gosh.
3rd. So, do I believe in global warming? 
Answer: Yes. I am  reminded anytime I look at the glacier in Alaska. There has been no time in the history of that glacier that it has stopped receding. At one time, we are told it covered Michigan. 
4th. Is man causing global warming?
Answer: No. We cause dirty air and lots of other stuff that act upon one another. Some things we do cause warming and other things we do cause cooling. But the biggest thing we cause is dirty conditions.
5th. Can we stop global warming?
Answer: Like, We are smarter than God? We know how to take care of the planet better than God? Why, we are so great we can make the seasons change to suit us? The real questions we are alluding to is, Does God know how to take care of His creation? What is He thinking? 
The fact is man didn't start global warming in the first place. Another fact is that God has already stated that we need to be ready for His returning at any time. God only intends this window to be open a short time. We need to except the fact that God is in control of His universe. God didn't make a planet we could destroy. Well, certainly we have the capability to destroy it but I have read the book and that is not what it says will happen. 
6th. What should we do about global warming?
Answer: Look to God rather than man for that answer. Understand what God
has in mind. Understand His plan. 
7th. What should we do about the dirt and polution we are spewing into the
Answer: Clean it up. Do many of the same things we are doing to stop global
warming. But use a little more common sense. God gave us a limited amount
of fossel fuel to be used until we come up with alternatives. If God intends for
us to be on earth after the fossel fuel has run out we will, by then, have found
alternative fuels to use. But to get hysterical about drilling or not using fossel
fules or the nuclear alternatives we have already come up with because they
are dangerous or they cause dirt and polution is not common sense. 
Surely, I too want a clean world. I am only living in this one by the grace of
God. This earth belongs to Him. I think we need to keep it as clean and green
as we possibly can out of respect for the God that allows us to use it.
If I borrow your car or boat I want to bring it back to you in better condition 
than it was in before you let me take it. That is out of respect for you.
Certainly I would not ignor your existance and use it in a way that would
damage or destroy it. 
Common sense tells me to take care of my planet. Common sense tells me
that we have pollution because of bad practices in the past by those who 
were more ignorant about the affects of pollution or from third world countries
that haven't cought on yet. Common sense tells me that if I refuse to use the natural resourses at my disposal and refuse to pump my own oil and pay some third world country to pump oil for me I am causing more pollution than if I were to handle my own. Common sense tells me that if I insist on buying my oil from a foreign supplier that doesn't care about the environment the suppller will charge me any price he wants to and I will have to pay it. Common sense then tells me that there are so many people in this country that cannot afford the higher prices they are driven into poverty. Common sense tells me that poverty breads squalor and polution. 
Let's use a little common sense.

         Asphalt Roads - Just stop at a red light while you are on your motorcycle. - Now that maight be a case for global warming. - Not!!

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This is the first trac on my CD
                 Nice Ice Shanty!
This was a very good Father / Son project 2015-2016.  
I wonder if it could be a good business venture! 
I'm considering making one with a vinal exterior.
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  My October 05, 2011 theory
The way to end the recession we and the rest of the world are heading into is quite simple. It can be stated in three words. One might even cover it in one but let's really be specific and use three. Drill for Oil. Where? You say? In the U.S.A. Is my answer.

It is our responsibility as a nation to protect the environment not just in the U.S. but in all parts of the world. Well to protect is to be responsible to an extent at least. This business of over regulating everything to the detriment of the people of the U.S. is also detrimental to the entire world. How can we be concerned about the environment in the U.S. and allow other countries to go unchecked? We know that other countries don't have a “clean green” philosophy. We don't want to think about it but we cause filth to be created in other countries by pushing oil production off on them.  

We are sitting on more clean oil in the U.S. than the world has ever seen and we stubbornly refuse to drill a clean regulated well any place. But at the same time we are willing to be held hostage by other countries through our own governmental regulations.  

We can use common sense in drilling for oil. We can regulate like crazy but regulate for the right reasons. Sure it is our God given responsibility to take care of the planet. But I mean the whole planet, not just the part that is making us slaves to the world.  

When we start producing oil and refining it and competing with other countries in the world the price of energy will go down so far this recession will turn into a boon for the entire world. The world needs cheap energy in order to function. The world needs! Not just us! It is us who is causing the recession by artificially inflating the cost of energy.

We are still so far away from cheap electric batteries that we are not being responsible with the recourses we have at our disposal. The gas powered engine is not our enemy. Neither is the gas powered electric plant that we need to charge the power hungry inefficient batteries we produce today.

Capitalism vs. Socialism or Communism or a Dictatorship Nov. 24, 2009
As this country moves toward a dictatorship I have to ask myself.
How can a free society survive?
I have to admit that I believe that if Jesus Christ were the dictator we could live as a free nation, even under a dictator.
If the leaders of our country were to just follow the common sense rules laid out in the bible, even without being Christian, but just follow a common sense approach to governing a people this country could thrive and prosper in a free society. This common sense rule of law is called righteousness.
When the laws of common sense (which by the way are spelled out in the bible) are not adhered to and man tries to elevate himself above his neighbor the society as a whole suffers. Greed, corruption, self interest, wars, arguing, bickering, backbiting, (the list goes on and on) are all reward for not following the laws of righteousness. Even if you throw out God and the bible but follow the laws of righteousness the society would be free. If the street gangs in Saginaw lived by the common sense rules of righteousness they would be taking care of the homeless rather than killing mothers and kids.  
Everyone says this nonsense has to stop and everyone ask what can be done to cause it to stop.   At the same time we hear that the worst problems in the world can be solved if we just separate church and state. Right here I am not advocating church or state I am only putting forth the answer.  
If you want to live a happy, free, and even ignorant blissful life we can. But this will only happen if we live by righteous laws.  
I personally choose to include God in my thinking but it is not for me to force my God upon you. You can worship your own god. But if you want to live in a free society where everyone including the poor are given your grace you have to live according to a righteous law.  
The freedom that so many are advocating today is not freedom but anarchy. Freedom to do your own “thing” is not freedom. Freedom without law is anarchy. We have to follow the law of righteousness in order to find real and lasting freedom.  
If we follow the law of righteousness we will care about the hungry, the homeless, the destitute, the sick and all the rest. More than that we will not only care and be willing to use someone else's resources to help the condition of those less fortunate but we will add our own resources as well as our selves to help.
We could at least start by helping those who through no fault of their own find themselves in less than desirable conditions. Someone once said “the best way to help those in poverty is to make poverty less comfortable”. There is some common sense truth in that statement even though there are some who have found themselves in that position who want to get out. They are easy to spot. Even in poverty they are living in righteousness.

December 15, 2011 Just some more thoughts  
Will we not find eventually that the reason the price of fuel is being kept so high these days is that it is the only way to justify cost of erecting those big windmills? I am sure that if the price of energy was lower there would be no justification for spending that kind of money on a generator. As I see us in a state of neer recession I need to ask myself "Is this the best for the future?" I think that if we come out on the other side with wind powered energy that causes the cost of living to be really affordable it may make up for at least some of the hardship that is being caused today it could possibly, maybe, if I really try to find the positive side, may have been worthwhile. When I compare it to the Hoover Dam I have to say Yah, let's get it done..   
12-9-2008 My thoughts on the latest crises. (Crises by Design)
The heart of the matter seems to have been shifted to the auto industry from the banking industry. Probably to take our attention off the Graff and corruption that 7.5 Billion dollars is bringing to the banking segment that got us into the jam in the first place.
The American auto industry was on track until (for what reason?) the price of gas went up 300%. I don't know if it was by accident or by design but I have my suspicions. So if the price of fuel were to remain where it is today (National average $1.65 per gallon) I would expect the auto industry to regain their strength and health despite the recent hit they have taken. People would start buying the internal combustion driven cars again because they are the best machine the world has ever produced.
This crises perception that is driving the consumer has been tested over and over in the past. Those of us who are older remember the Ozone crises and the Global cooling crises and the spotted owl, as well as the snail darter and the rain forest and diesel fuel and woops! Now it is Global Worming! Just to name a few. Time and again the masses suffer unwarranted irrational fear because of people I would refer to as the Al Gore crowd. That is the crowd who call for unreasonable CAFE or green standards etc. Those are the people who want to tax a cow because it farts and burps producing air pollution. Those are the same people who are willing to decimate the apple industry in order to get attention.  
Now we have found (by accident or by design) that if we control the price of fuel we can control everything. Here I only thought that if I could control your air supply I would be king. Just joking. But the fear factor is right at the present time so our congress needs to act fast. After all, our congress has not fully gotten hold of the price of gas yet. At least I don't think they have. But if they get the auto-Exec’s to buckle and cave "with strings attached" they can demand "green electric cars" before their time.That needs to happen fast. The people and the government are demanding that the car industry build something that is impractical and at the same time something we don't really want. We think we want it because somebody somewhere says they have the answer. If we try to build that before development I believe, will prove to be more costly to buy and more costly to produce and in the end the American car company will go the way of the American built TV.
The rush seems to be to get this done before the American people realize the cars they are presently demanding are not what is best for a green, ozone controlled, happy, ignorant way of life. Then again, there will always be more crises. Many more because we are allowing the government to destroy our capitolistic way of life. When the auto industry goes under the government will be able to step in and take over their health care which will lead to taking over our health care. That is the key that unlocks Government controlled insurance.
Perhaps that is really what this whole crisis is designed to do.  
I think that asking the serpant for a hand up is a mistake. What ever happened to Liberty or Death?

Audio Bible

The Keys To The Kingdom

 That is the name of this project with the   Flash drives pictured here. I have the 
 Old and the New testaments in the New   International version as well as the CD   highlighted at the top of this page on this   page. 
 These work extremely will in the new car   radios with USB ports, in newer boom   boxes with USB ports, Laptops or any   place you have a USB port.
 It is all in MP3 format so it can be easily   moved form one device to another.

12-26-18 But as I do not have permission to reproduce these I will not. 
The Sky is Falling!!
 At first it was Global cooling then Global worming and now it is becoming EXTREAM WEATHER!
Read your bible people!
God is in control !

Second Thought
You don't have to believe in God! Just read the book.
                      Why go on?

If the ride is over why can't I get off?
I borrowed that line from my friend Bob McCartney whom, until the Covid virus destroyed everything I was, I had visited every Wednesday in one nursing home or another since 2005. Bob died in the nursing home in 2020. I had no contact with him since the Covid thing started.
At first it all seemed so temporary. But as time passes I come to realize that absolutely everything that was......Ain't.
I was a loving husband, but when my wife was diagnosed with cancer I became a loving caregiver. After She died I decided to rebuild my career as a dance instructor a square dance caller and add to that the part of teaching and coaching not only in the art of square dance but round dance as well. 
I was filling my calendar with engagements and events that would be my main advertisement. I was in the process of starting over and things looked as though there may be a successful way forward.
Then as we know the virus put a stop to everything. At first I don't think anybody expected much would become of this, but as time goes on reality starts to sink in. When my calendar went from nearly full to empty, I began to realize that absolutely everything that was......Ain't anymore. I lost my wife and then I lost everything that gave me an identity.
In 1977 I started teaching and coaching and calling square dance and have never been away from actively pursuing excellence in my profession for more than two weeks at any given time. To be the best does not come easily. It must be continuous constantly all the time. Now that has been taken away. 
Already, I am feeling the affects. As I search for a way through I come to realize that by the time two people are willing to touch each other again what I have had to share will have become completely irrelevant. 
Except for God, absolutely everything that was......Ain't. God has not changed.
Had I only put God at the top in the first place, would I have found myself in this place? Where is this place? As she grew weaker and weaker Beth and I entered into that valley that is mentioned in the Book of Psalms. So vast and dark and dry a place as we had never encountered before. And as we had each other for support we carried on grasping on to any little hope we could muster knowing that in the end God would have his angles carry her away so much sooner than either of us ever would have immagined. In the end the angels carried her up and far away out of that valley leaving me behind to be the light that may bring hope to another struggling soul. What light am I? Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. For Thou art with me! But I feel no joy for I am alone. I don't know how that works, knowing that God is with me as I talk to the Holy Spirit but I am still so all alone. 
I have come to the conclusion that in the real beginning God created man in his own image and man was created with the intent to have free will but that free will had to be offered to his created beings. In other words he did not just create mankind as he dumped free will upon them. The Cheriphim and the Seraphim and perhaps even the angles were of the created beings that were created by God to bring glory and honor and magesty to God. All of Gods creation from the field mouse to the tree to the moon and the stars and the angels were created to glorify the magisty of God. In the beginning everything brought glory to the creator. This must have been a glorious time in the creation process, that was only the beginning of Gods' plan because he wanted his creation to experience love on his plain. To love the way God loves can only be achieved through the process of gaining free will. 
A.W. Towser explains it this way. A deer can drink of the fullness of the lake but it cannot drink the lake. The Cheriphim and the Seraphim and even the angles can drink of the love of God but they cannot be the love of God. All of Gods creation was given the opportunity to share, yae even to be the love of God. Some chose to share because they could not bring themselves by their own free will to take the chance of being seperated from God. All of Gods creation was given the opportunity to have free will but not all wanted to take the chance. Some could not bear the thought of seperation from that love which is God. They now have to be content to drink of His pure love. For those who chose to exercise free will God, even from the beginning, is still working his plan. 
So often we think of the beginning as starting with Adam and Eve and for mankind that is a good place to have a start. But all that, I believe, was explained to each of us before we began this journey on earth. 
Before any of us came to earth we were a created being of Gods own design. We lived with God as we drank of the fullness of His love but we did not experience the true essesence of “being love”. God is love. We are not. Some of us will be but unfortunately not all will be. That is what free will is about. God turns no one away, we turn away because it is a hard road we have chosen through our own free will. 
I can only immagine the excitement among all Gods' heavenly creatures as Adam was chosen to be the first to leave that heavenly home knowing that if he fail he may, but for the grace of God, not ever return. I'm sure God made it absolutely clear what the stakes were before he allowed even one of his creatures to step down to earth entering into a vertual reality “house of clay”. He would have cautioned us that this virtual reality machine made of clay would have a desire of its own to be satisfied. That it would have cravings of its own that could cause desease and addiction in itself. I'm sure that God explained to each creature that they would have to experience absolute amnesia. It is absolutely necessary we have no recollection of the time before our birth into the body we come to believe is what we are, or who we are. We have chosen this road and it is up to us to find the strength and fortitude and truth to turn from our wicked ways and choose to die to our own base desires and turn to the God who has given us everything .
Letter to my family

One month after my wife died the Holy Spirit woke me at about 4:30 in the morning. She died May 1, 2019 very early in the morning, shortly after 4:00. A month later was June 1st. For many years we celebrated her birthday on June 1. And to have the Holy Spirit talk to me at 4:30 in the morning is nothing remarkable. He has delivered many messages to me at that time. The fact is that the CD mentioned above was mostly given to me in pieces over a period of time each piece at about 4:30 a.m.
Wow, as I write this I am amazed at how this all fits together. And just now realizing that this must have been a gift from the Holy Spirit to her blows my mind. The letter that was dictated to me by the Holy Spirit from her on her birthday is more than I can handle right at this time so I'll have to return later to finish this.
The Letter
My Dearest Husband,
Feel free to post this on my facebook page as a letter from me to you.
As you tend to wake up around 4:00 a.m. don't be too quick to go back to sleep, but listen to the Holy Spirit. Don't talk and don't be quick to listen to the recorded programs you have to help you sleep.
There was great celebration when I arrived here on May 1st. That is my new official birthday.
Since then I have had opportunity to walk and talk with our Lord God most high. I am experiencing a love that is greater than anything you can imagine. I have seen the rainbow that surrounds the throne of God. There are more colors in the rainbow that surrounds the throne than we have ever seen on earth.
I know that by now you and the family have come to realize you have entered into a series of firsts that will go on for the rest of your life on earth. Believe me when I say that each first here is much better as I know that each first for you will become more bearable. 
You have always relied on me to watch your back. Realize dear husband, I am no longer there to protect you from the snares of Satan. He truly is lying in wait as a crouched lion. He wants to devour you and our whole family. It is up to you not to let that happen.
Jesus tells me he has plans for my family back home so I remind you to listen to that still small voice that talks to you at 4:00 a.m.
But for now, go back to sleep. Be ready to do God's will.
You have rightly said that if you text or put something on paper you may as well put it on a billboard.
As you feebly to allow the Holy Spirit free reign in your life consider this a hand written note from me to you. This should help you in your walk as you grow in the Lord.
Update 12-29-2022