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TEA Party Sues City of Coldwater, Michigan Over Free Speech Rights April 07, 2011
The Thomas More Law Center announced today that it has filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan against the City of Coldwater on behalf of the Common Sense Patriots of Branch County and two of its members, Barbara Brady and Martin Lepper, alleging that the City’s recent ban of all signs in the Four Corners Parks violates their constitutional right to Free Speech.

I tell all my friends "If it ain't fun I ain't going to do it. If it ain't fun I will be doing something else tomorrow." Saturday evening I called a square dance for a couple who were both turning 50. It was a 50/50 birthday party. I was the square dance caller and they had a couple who were ball room instructors that I shared the party with. I had a ball. As my wife was not able to go with me, I found a seat at a table across from a barber. Now, where can you find better conversation? 
The table next to me was filled with a Baptist minister and some of his friends. That brings me to the point. I really think the Baptist have a handle on fun. Not that others don't! This is only an observation. In the past year I have been hired by more Baptist to do a square dance than all the other denominations combined. 
I think of Mark Laurey and the way he says the Baptist dance and I have to smile.
But having fun is a serious thing. I know that Jesus had a lot of fun when He was here and I know He wants us to have fun. But at the same time His was the biggest birthday party of all. And it is still going on. It is still going on for those who know Him, at least. Don't you think we who are enjoying the party should invite those to the party who have not yet met Him? 
There is a song that states "If it takes 17 times (or something like that) to hear about Jesus before someone comes to believe". You may be number 5 or you may be number 7 or you may be number 15. Last night I dreamed I was number 17 and I had the honor of inviting someone to know Jesus. That has never happened to me before. I have never had that privilege. The dream was so real and made me feel so alive it woke me up. 
It made me realize I am not only having fun in my daily walk, but even better than fun I am finding a sense of real joy in being a servant to the Creator Of The Universe. Joy in the Lord is yet a step above fun. So if you follow my example don't stop at just having fun. I have found something even better than fun. I have found joy.
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