Ballroom Classes
4:00 - Phase 1&2
5:00 - 6:00 Phase 3
Square Dancers 
call them Round Dance
Squares from 6:15-8:45

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Monday evening
Swartz Creek Class
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For about a year I have been reading the N.I.V. version of the bible to my wife every evening and then editing it the next morning (about six hours a day six days each week). I wanted to give a final copy to each of my children for Christmas. How cool!! Dad reading the bible to Mom? Yes, Very cool. and a very good gift. It turned out so well that I have decided that not just my kids but everybody should have one.

I figured out what it would cost me if I paid someone $30. an hour to read and edit the bible as I did it would cost me in the neighborhood of about $20.000. Several years ago I Produced a CD that was titled "Consider This - - - Your Invitation". (Go to my "about me" page for more information on that. 
I used the sound track from my CD as a Easter sermon because it is so appropriate. 

So, now that I have an Audio Bible and a CD I decided to put the two in a single package on a USB memory stick. (Because there is just about 5 Gig. in the bible with the CD I couldn't use a disk.) 

      And because my Easter sermon explains how to use the keys to become born again I decided to call the whole project "The Keys To The Kingdom".
Audio Bible
I'll move this opinion to the appropriate page later.
Just saw on facebook a picture of Bill Clinton and
the accuser Ford.
This sets me to think that as Ford is so believable there should be an investigation to find out who really was the perpetrator of such a crime.
This investigation should start with Ford. 
As we are the sum total of all our past experiences it only makes sense to back track to the beginning.
The only way one can find what really happened is to follow the trail. 
Start with Ford and backtrack her life and you will find the answer.
It is obvious there are much more questionable people in her past than the judge.